Using Google+ for profitable results

Kristi Hines claims that ‘since its launch in 2011, Google+ has been growing non-stop and now has 359 million active users according to Business Insider. There also have been a lot of changes made in their platform during that time’. Considering this statement, don’t you think it could be an effective way to run your business successfully on the Internet?

Google+ could be a good media to promote your company. You can share information, make adds and “fight” against  your competitors. Kristi Hines proposes that  ‘As with any social network, if you’re unsure what to post on Google+, do a bit of research into what your competitors are posting. Look at the types of updates that work best for them in terms of engagement (+1′s, comments, and shares) and try similar types of updates with your audience’.

Rabeeta Faroque, an Operations Support Executive at Brafton, gives three tips related to this social network:

1. Realizing the social and SEO power of the +1

‘Google puts a lot of effort in making sure +1′d and shared content remains in view of searchers who have connected with specific brands online. This means the more people who engage your content on Google+, and the more connections who put you in their Circles, the more likely your custom content reaches prospects all over the web. Add the +1 button to your site and remember to actually be social on Google+’ she says.

2. Using Google+’s content features to interact with audiences.

As she proposes, you can answer customer´s questions in a more personable manner, because they will react towards your new offerings and could have suggestions.

3. Engaging in Google+ Communities.

Rabeeta Faroque makes us clear this idea by an example: ‘One of Brafton’s clients saw its Google+ following increase by 1,183 percent in five months after focusing solely on engaging other users in the network’s Communities.’ ‘Google+ may be a smaller network than LinkedIn and Facebook, but its Communities are valuable forums for industry-specific conversations that can help your content and your brand get noticed online. Find relevant communities on the left sidebar on Google+.’ she adds.

In conclusion, you must not hesitate to engage yourself in the Google+ adventure. Keep in mind that experts corroborate it. In summary, Galvin Llewellyn proposes these items to be considered when creating a Google+ account: creating impactful content and the use of Circles, visual display: deals, offers and promotions, asking questions, hangouts and relevant content for your audience.


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